The Spirit of My Christmas

How do you keep the holiday spirit alive for your loved ones during this difficult time? The next month is going to be particularly hard for many families. Just like many of you, my family has struggled with balancing our usual family traditions with staying safe from Covid.

We've had to stay away from family members during Thanksgiving and now with Christmas approaching and Covid numbers climbing, we know feeling like celebrating the holiday will be a challenge.

One of the things my family has done to help us really feel the spirit of the holiday is to find people in our neighborhood who need a little help this season.

We found a family in town who doesn't have the luxury of worrying about a Christmas tree or toys to put under it. They are now getting their meals from our local food pantry, and keeping a roof over their heads is becoming a monthly worry.

We've taken this family under our wings and have donated our time, a bit of money and of course, Christmas presents.

It's our responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves. I know that there are people in our world who would do the same for us if we needed it.

I encourage everyone to look around your neighborhood for people who need help. That help could be nothing more than having someone to video with once a week to stay in touch.

I know how overwhelming everything is right now, but I think part of that stress is due to the fact that many feel they have no control over what's going on in the world.

Let's not worry about fixing everything. Control what you can and let the rest go. Helping your neighbor is a good start.

Sometimes we need look no further than our own backyard to find the answers. I know it has blessed our family, and I know it will bless yours.



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