Hard on the Heart is Live!

Growing up in the city of Boston, I've been dying to write a story set in my hometown. Specifically, the Irish American communities that have truly shaped so much of the city. Lace curtain Irish, many were called in the South Boston section of the city with a bar/pub on just about every corner. The gatherings that take place around a pint of beer color the traditions of families as they share their stories and love for one another.

Lucy Bennett and Cade Montgomery meet in such a neighborhood, and the journey of their love story begins on a very bumpy ride.

You've heard how opposites attract? Well, with these two, opposites not only attract, but they also combust in the sexiest way.

I hope you love this new Rich Boy, Poor Girl/Enemies to Lovers romance. 

It will melt your heart and some very private body parts as well!

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