Title: Park Avenue Christmas
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If there’s a way to get me to believe in Santa Claus and fairy tales, Luke Preston would be the way. He smiles and my body, not to mention, my panties melt right under his gaze. Something tells me this Christmas won’t be like any other.


Repeat after me.


Don’t fall in love at Christmas.


I’m serious. For that matter, don’t believe in magic either.


Even if they make you wear a jingling elf hat, you jingle your ass all the way in the other direction, and as far away from the lure of mistletoe as you can.


That was my plan anyway. Nothing good ever happens to me at Christmas and I had to assume this year would be no different.


That was before I met Luke Preston. 


You have no idea how quickly a non-believer can turn, but I’m here to tell you it can happen.


It helps if you have a couple of love-struck roommates manipulating the situation.


Remember the Grinch? He hit a few obstacles on his way to an enlarged heart.


Hang on to your eggnog. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.