Title: Cluelessly Yours
Release Date: January 26, 2021
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“She’s got all the boys in Ansley Bay swarming around her, like bees to honey.”

At least that’s what everyone says about Katie Winslow. There isn’t a guy within ten miles of this town that hasn’t wished he could be the one to get her to the altar. She doesn’t give them much encouragement, though. Everyone knows she’s been in love with Oliver McCallum ever since they were kids. Everyone but Oliver, that is.

Oliver McCallum doesn’t have time for love. Up before dawn, he makes his way down the pier to his first love, his lobster boat, Catching Claws. Since his father’s accident, bringing in a haul that will pay the bills dominates his days.

There are lots of things a woman can do to get a guy’s attention, and Katie Winslow has tried them all. Nothing seems to work. When she makes a move no one expects, she gets more attention than she bargained for. All’s fair in love and lobsters!