Title: Carly & Cupid
Release Date: February 12, 2021
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Carly Gilbert is in love. He’s got four legs and the curliest apricot-colored fur she’s ever seen. His name is Charlie, and he’s all the man she has time for these days.

 After eight years spent working toward her veterinary degree, she's finally opening her vet clinic. Carly doesn’t have time for love. She’ll get married and have children one day, but for now, her only focus is on making her business a success. If Cupid’s arrow is aiming for her, it will have to shoot right through the clinic’s front door.

 Parker Ellington likes his freedom. He drives a Ferrari, owns a Rolex watch, and is one of the richest business executives in New York City.

 He doesn’t have time for love any more than Carly does, but it’s not because he’s putting it off. Parker likes things just the way they are. No commitments, no possessive women telling him what he can and can’t do. He’s capable of love, love of money that is, and there isn’t anything in the world that he can’t have or buy. All his wealth and charm can’t get him what he wants, however, and so Cupid’s arrow has to take a few detours on the way to his heart.