Red Hot Summer

A troubled childhood. A romantic reunion. Can she find the courage to heal old wounds for a chance at true love?

As a photographer, Summer Weston knows image is everything. After enduring years of fat-shaming, she can’t help but see herself through the same judgmental lens. So when her old childhood pal returns to sweep her off her feet with a romantic adventure, she’s convinced they’d be better off as friends… even though her heart has other ideas.

Caleb Spencer doesn’t care what the scale says, he adores every inch of Summer. When the aspiring musician finally works up the courage to share the love song playing in his heart, it doesn’t go according to plan. With old scars and new careers pulling them in different directions, it’ll take a radical move to bring them together… if only he can convince her to meet him halfway.

When old wounds run deep, will Caleb’s love be strong enough to piece together Summer’s broken heart?

Red, Hot Summer is a moving contemporary romance with a musical twist. If you like delightfully flawed heroines, heartwarming love stories, and a touch of heat, then you’ll love Callie Cole’s lyrical love story.

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“Did you think you could flirt with me and walk out of my life so easily?” he asked, his lips just grazing my skin and turning my knees to mush.

Guilt made my voice husky as I whispered an apology. “I shouldn’t have flirted like that.

”He pulled back and in the dim light, he met my eyes. “Why not?”

I couldn’t stop the blush that rose over my cheeks, as I tried to explain. “I’ve never really done anything like that before.”

Suddenly, I realized I really didn’t have a valid explanation. I paused and then tried again, stammering a bit as I tried to explain what had possessed me to act like that. “I don’t know…that wasn’t really me. It’s just…”

What I really wanted to tell him was that he was so sexy, I wanted to rip his clothes off right there in the bar and run my hands and my mouth all over his body. But I couldn’t tell a perfect stranger something like that. So, I kept quiet and let my voice trail off.

Meeting the hot Dr. Benjamin Bradley wasn’t in the plans for Kelly Porter as she got on the road to drive to her new home in Maine. In a heartbeat, her entire world is changed with the spin of her car.

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